Daniel Lee


源 1997

Because technology changes the way we live and the way we create, it also changes the way we look. My image, therefore, is an evolutionary self-portrait -- a look at the distant past and into the far-off future.

My eyes shrink as electricity eradicates the need to see in the dark. My brain and forehead enlarge as information expands my mind. And my features blend as communication brings cultures closer and closer together -- Asian, Caucasian and on. Only the ears remain the same size, because we'll never stop needing to listen.

- 李小鏡


  • 2016 鏡/李小鏡回顧展 ” at 台北市立美術館 , 台北市, Taiwan
  • 2014 李小鏡‭/‬媒變 ” at OCT‭ ‬當代藝術中心 , 上海市, 中國
  • 2009 過去, 現在到未來 ” at 7 藝術中心 , 上海市, 中國
  • 2008 李小鏡1993-2007攝影展 ” at 國立中央大學 , 台灣, 台灣
  • 2008 李小鏡1993-2007攝影展 ” at 清华大学 , 北京市, 中國


  • 1996 “Myth and Magic” at California Center for the Arts Museum, Escondido, California, 美國