Daniel Lee


緣 1995

After I finished my first two series of digital manipulated works in 1995 I tried to open up my creation subject from Chinese mythology onto humanity concern which made my way to come up questions like how we began? What drove the strength that prolonged our life until today? As a result, I started the series of “Fate” imaging the origin in early stage of human sexuality.

Fate was put off on the side by Mr. Ivav Karp, the founder of O.K. Harris Works of Art, my represented gallery in New York, instead, he scheduled my next show from a totally different concept of mine, the “108 Windows” which presented in the end of 1996.

- 李小鏡


  • 2014 顯影/現身 ” at 東海大學藝術中心 , 台中市, 台灣


  • 2013 後人纇慾望 ” at 台北當代藝術館 , 台北市, 台灣