Daniel Lee


VR — Experience

Looking Glass – Daniel Lee retrospective

The exhibition is a retrospective of Daniel Lee for his 51 years of versatile career as a visual artist. Born in China and educated in Taiwan, Lee received training in painting and drawing. After graduated from the Philadelphia College of Art in 1972, Lee moved to New York and established himself as a successful photographer in one of the most competitive city in the world. However this does not bring satisfaction to his heart. There is an artistic calling inside Lee that needed to be answered to. In this exhibition, we like to trace back Lee’s journey of artist formation. It begins with his latest piece N.E.X.T 2016 where Lee looks to the future in hypothesis by a biologic study into the condition of human being. The exhibition finalizes with some of his early studio portraits of the celebrities. There is a genuine sense of self evolution in the artist’s creative route. In fact, the constant interests in evolution and transformation of human existence is evident throughout his works. Lee as a savvy creator of image with dexterous skill in modern technology is remarkable and astonishing. Though the imagery he tries to convey is amusing, shocking and at times disturbing, yet they resonate with belief and doubts we all shared as a human being.